Hospital Bag Checklist
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Hospital Bag Checklist for Labour and Birth

Checklist for Labour and Birth

Essential items that you need in your hospital bag in preparation for labor and birth.

For Mum

Items for Mum
  • Hospital Bag
  • Nursing Nightwear, Birth Gown and maybe Slippers
  • Dress for going home outfit or maternity top and leggings
  • Towel (but this is also provided at Birthing Centers/ Delivery Wards here in the UK)
  • Make-Up (lip balm, mascara, foundation/ powder)
  • Hair Brush, Toothpaste, Tooth Brush
  • Jacket (if cold)
  • Disposable Briefs for those first few bleeds
  • Supportive Underwear for C-Sections
  • Maternity Sanitary Pads
  • Nursing Bras
  • Breast Pads
  • Breast Feeding Pillow (not essential)
  • Birth Ball (can also be provided at the Birth Center / Delivery Suite for normal delivery- would recommend using as soon as you get the all clear from your healthcare provider in order to start getting baby in preferred head down position. Regular upward-downward bounce also encourages baby to travel down the birth canal in the last few weeks of pregnancy)

For Baby

Items for Baby
  • Baby body suit- long and short sleeve depending on weather (x2)
  • Baby sleep suit- long and short sleeve depending on weather (x2)
  • Wrap over shawl/ carry cloth
  • Socks (x3)
  • Scratch Mitts (x2)
  • Newborn Nappies (pack of 20 or x15)
  • Baby Wipes/ Cotton Wool + Water
  • Muslin Squares

For Partner/ Other

Items for Partner and Other useful items
  • Newborn Breastfeeding Bottle and Pre-made formula (in case baby is having difficulty breast-feeding in the her first few hours after birth)
  • Possible change of outfit if soiled
  • Camera
  • Phone and Phone Charger
  • Snacks (Muesli Bars etc)
  • Energy Drinks and Water (Lucozade is popular here)
  • Earphones to block out noise
  • Music Player
  • Aromatherapy Oil (upon doctor’s/ massage therapist recommendation)

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