7 Natural Ways to Induce Labour

7 Natural Ways to Induce Labour

They say that you spend 9 months being pregnant when in actual fact the last month seems to make it feel more like a decade! We know what that feeling is like when you are genuinely ready to have your baby. Here are some pregnancy hacks that you can try yourself. It worked for me and they are pretty safe and natural:

Dates: Small-scale studies have shown that eating 6 dates a day in the final month of pregnancy may encourage your cervix to dilate, and therefore reduce the need for induction! Why not?

Pineapples: :’) Many people swear by this and to be honest, this was my every day go to as a last resort when my baby was a few days overdue. Although scientific research shows that eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice has not been proven to induce labor, it contains the enzyme ‘bromelain’, which is believed by some women to soften the cervix and trigger contractions. It worked for me without feeling nauseous, having diarrhea or stomachache. Loved it! however please speak to your healthcare provider if you’re thinking about using this method.

Raspberry Leaf Tea: Taken either as a tea or pill, red raspberry leaf can be taken at about 37 weeks. It’s not scientifically proven to help induce you, but drinking it strengthens and tones the uterus, hopefully leading to a shorter labour because each contraction is more productive. But don’t be tempted to glug gallons of tea in desperation if you go overdue – it may cause intense contractions and lead to your baby getting distressed. Women are advised to drink red raspberry leaf tea a maximum of three times daily.

Nipple Stimulation: Stimulating your nipples is actually one of the most effective ways you can induce labour yourself. Why? Nipple stimulation can cause your uterus to contract. The stimulation releases oxytocin, a hormone that causes contraction. As this has been proven to work quite well, make sure you’ve told your doctor you are going to try out nipple stimulation, before you begin.

Walking: Like yoga ball exercise, walking helps move baby down gradually through the birth canal

Sexx: Funny isn’t it how what got you here in the first place is what can get you out. Midwives and doctors recommend this form of activity as a healthy remedy because of the oxytocin hormone found in sperm

Yoga Ball: You’ll probably have been told about the magic of birthing balls by your midwife. They aren’t too expensive. Yoga balls can improve your posture and balance and can actually help with the slow process that is inducing your labour. Not only is a birthing ball more comfortable than sitting on a hard, rigid surface, when your tummy is the size of a house. Using it is also a gentle exercise that can help shift your baby’s position, preparing him for labour.  Speak to your healthcare provider once again

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  1. Katie Locker says:

    Amazing article here, I tried everything apart from the Yoga Ball exercise in my first pregnancy. Thinking about doing the Raspberry Leaf Tea!

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