Things I wish I knew as a New Mum
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5 Things I wish I knew as a New Mum and Parent + Bonus

Hey parents, you’ve just had a new baby or are about to. You are prepping baby’s nursery or your room to receive your new addition to the family but have you considered some of these tips to help you for the first 3 months at least? Click Below to Read More.

1. It is okay to plan ahead

Lack of planning can equate to possibility of exhaustion, overwhelming issues and possibly failure.

Plan financially by:

Getting rid of debt, having a substantial savings pot for at least 9 months, lining up your maternity pay with your employer and know what you are to be paid and for how long, find a second source of income on maternity leave if possible such as (surveys, freelancing your skills (writing, video editing, becoming an authority in your field, baking, cooking, knitting, organising events for companies)), publishing that book- Check out FREELANCER, FIVERR.

2. It is okay to ask for help

This especially around the house in cooking, cleaning, washing and everything else if you can. I recommend getting help and support lined up at least for the first 3 months. If you are a single mum, I say well done for everything mama. I appreciate everything you are doing and possibly going through with your pregnancy or newborn. This is even more important for you. Get sometime with your loved ones after baby is born so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

3. It is okay to rest

Honestly I cannot stress this enough, the longer you rest your body and mind, the quicker you heal. It’s a simple as ABC. If you had a natural vaginal birth, healing can take up to 3 months and possibly longer for VBACs or Ceasarean Sections. Of course this is relative to different conditions and can also be influenced by your genetics (what your mum went through during her pregnancy(ies), diet, exercise activities and general health & wellbeing. SO before you get pregnant, try getting into a healthy routine and changing some unhelpful habits. You would thank you later in the long run.
It is okay for your husband to get involved too- right from birth it had always been so why should things change when you get home?

4. It is okay to let everything be messy for a while

Unless you have an OCD partner or support person, you don’t have more than 2 hands. The first month can be very challenging especially if the right network of support is not around so guess what mama, it is okay to leave things in a mess once in a while. Eventually, someone would realise you actually need help without imagining it. Don’t be a superhero mama. You are loved and should be taken care of.

5. It is okay to occasionally bottle feed baby with formula milk

Practically this is useful specially when going out for a date, weddings, functions that doesn’t require your new born present with you.


6. It is okay to have grandparents or a trusted loved one baby sit

Do this while you go for that manipedi, facial, massage, spa treatment or run!

You’ve just had a new baby, take care of yourself and your mental health. A lot has happened and your body went through a lot of changes in the past 9 months including birth and delivery. The earlier you realise that you need rest and other people to support and help you around the house, the quicker your recovery, ability to be there for your partner and most importantly for your baby. Remember that your new born is solely dependent on both your love, care and assurance. If you are drained, there isn’t much you can give to your new born baby. Rest mama, you deserve a break.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things I wish I knew as a New Mum and Parent + Bonus

  1. Mary Dorba says:

    I always used to feel guilty leaving my baby at home with my husband to go for a run. Now I feel so much more relaxed and balanced to take care of myself, baby and home. Thanks BabyBuys

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Mary, we’re glad you found this useful 🙂

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