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5 Money Saving Hacks for New Parents

Hey parents, you’ve just had a new baby or are about to. You are prepping baby’s nursery or your room to receive your new addition to the family but have you considered a few of our money saving hacks for the next 1 year? See Below to Read More.

1. Buy in bulk and do a monthly subscription
a. Items such as: Nappies, Baby Wipes
b. Buy as a Set: Feeding Bottles etc

2. For gifts, opt for non-essential items like
a. Toys
b. Books
c. Play Items

3. Buy 70% gender neutrals : Items such as clothes, booties, bibs, muslin squares, blankets,

4. Watch out for discount periods: Seasonal discounts is a good place to start. For example, Summer Sales, Spring Sales, Winter Sales or Autumn Sales.

5. Breast feed for up to 3 months if you can and start introducing pureed bland foods. Try making your own home made baby food too at 4-5 months. This would save you a lot of cost in the long run and you know what has really been packed together to provide vital nutrition for your baby.

6. Do not overspend on clothes, people naturally gift that. Just ask them to buy bigger sizes instead. These sizes would range from 3 months upwards. You would certainly appreciate these larger sizes later on because your baby would rapidly grow even faster than the rate at which they try on their new outfits.

Dear readers, in as much as we are all for bargains, we are also for excellent quality items so please please do not compromise on quality of items for your baby.

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