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20 Must Have Items for Your Newborn

You found out you are pregnant! Congrats! Now what?!

Shopping for baby products can be quite stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we have narrowed down your search to 20 must haves for your expected new baby. At least we at BabyBuys believe this would help a great deal in making life easier for you new mums and dads in those first few days. You can thank us later. Enjoy reading. Product Links in Our Recommendations.


  1. Car Seat/ Travel System
  2. Feeding Bottles
  3. Baby Wipes
  4. Nappies
  5. Nappy Rash Cream
  6. Nappy Bin
  7. Changing Unit
  8. Changing Mat
  9. Clothes
  10. Muslin Squares & Bibs
  11. Baby Bed
  12. Baby Bath
  13. Baby Wash & Lotion
  14. Cotton Wool
  15. Flannel
  16. Rattles
  17. Play Mat
  18. Black & White Books
  19. Story Books
  20. Baby Record Book

Car Seat/ Travel System:

We recommend getting a car seat/ push chair/ travel system for that lovely ride back home. Here in the UK, this is a basic requirement by law that ‘baby must have a safe means to travel home by’. Unfortunately, you might not be able to leave the hospital with your newborn if you can’t provide a reasonable method of taking baby home that is safe and approved. Our recommendations: Joie Car Seat/ Doona Travel System.

Feeding Bottles:

Whether you are breasteeding or not for the first few months, it might be worth getting a few bottles ready for if baby is having trouble latching. You can always express milk and store up for feeds. You can also have bottles ready for your partner to help with night feeds or even the grandparents when they come around. It’ll be nice to have a little break and have a nice salt soak in the bath if you can manage. Our recommendations: Philips Avent Natural Newborn Starter Set/ Philips Avent Natural Breast Pump.

Baby Wipes:

So, baby has another 9 months to go or even less ‘counting’, their first poo is like a big deal. The midwives call it meconium, it’s like a black tar like sticky poo and she would probably have about 7 goes before it becomes yellower. Generally babies excrete this for the first few days. You would want to have those baby wipes handy, there is only so much water and cotton wool would clean up. This goes for those almighty diaper explosions too! Our recommendations: Water Wipes.


To be honest, there really isn’t much explanation here. Babies poo, it’s a fact of life. They are the tiniest, most adorable human beings. Like mini-adults. So all the glorious bowel movements happen to them also. Guard your nursery with a selection of nappies for those months ahead. We recommend buying a range of sizes starting at the least possible for newborns unless baby was born earlier than expected. For disposables, we recommend pampers and Bambino for re-useables. Our recommendations: Pampers Size 0, / Bambino Re-useable.

Nappy Rash Cream:

We suggest more frequent changes of nappy to avoid nappy rashes as they are mostly caused when the sealing barriers in baby’s nappy leak out after being exposed to fluids over time. On the other hand, baby’s’ skin can be very sensitive to being covered up for so long and being exposed to urine. The following products have been used over years and help alleviate such irritation. Our recommendations: Sudocrem/ Bepanthen.

Nappy Bin:

You can never go wrong making arrangements for a reliable nappy bin. In an ideal world, it should not leak fluids, should not leak any smell, should contain at least 100 nappies and should look cute in baby’s’ room. After using product after product, we believe we have found the ultimate nappy bin! Check it out. Our recommendations: Tommee Tippee Simple Sangenic Nappy Disposal Kit.

Changing Unit:

For your newborn’s arrival you’ve probably not even thought about a suitable place to store all his changing items. You have probably thought that far ahead but are yet to decide on what is the best option for his nursery? In order to make life easy for you or your partner after returning home from the hospital, we recommend having a seperate unit of storage ready and handy to locate for baby’s’ nappies, lotions, changing mat, baby wipes. There are many useful changers in the market but for practicality, we recommend Bebe Style Portable Changer. It even doubles as a bath unit! Amazing! Our recommendations: Bebe Style Portable Changer.

Changing Mat:

A baby change mat is a practical item, just one of those items you have lying about at least in the bedroom and living room for when you need to change baby’s diaper. When out and about, a practical and portable change mat can be very useful. These can even fit into your stylish handbag. They also come in ready in most baby change backpacks/ handbags. Our recommendations: Baby Change Mat./ Foldable Travel Changing Mat.


These are priority essentials for baby. I mean, apart from their nappies, this is the next first thing they put on when born to keep warm and cover-up. Our recommendations: bodysuits, sleepsuits, booties, hats, mittens.

Muslin Squares & Bibs:

Muslin Squares are handy for everything. Accidental milk spills, baby throwing ups etc. Bibs can be worn around baby’s neck for those feeds and are very handy to catch spills and slip-ups. Our recommendations: Tommee Tippee Bibs.

Baby Bed:

Of course, this needs no introduction. The NHS in fact recommends that baby has a separate sleeping unit to their parents. This helps prevents SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). We recommend getting a practical baby bed for your newborn for at least the first 3 months. Moses Baskets and Cribs are very popular in this category. Once baby has an established sleep method or has outgrown her basket/ crib, it’s fair to have her graduate to a cot bed. We love the Chicco Next to Me, it swings, rides, tilts and literally stays net to parents’ bed. For us, it’s the perfect first buy. Our recommendations: Chicco Next to Me/ Moses Basket.

Baby Bath:

Baby’s first bath might be one of the most magical moments and opportunity to start that bonding journey with your little one. This is definitely an essential and we recommend buying amongst one of your earlier purchases. We love the Fisher Price 4 in 1 because it can be used from birth until baby is up to 3 years old. It’s very versatile. Can also be hooked and stored away. Our recommendations: Fisher 4-in-1 Sling n Seat Tub.

Baby Wash & Lotion:

With bath time comes baby wash and lotions. We recommend getting something closer to natural with less chemical interventions because baby’s skin would be quite sensitive. In the mean time, we recommend: Aveeno Body Wash, Aveeno Lotion.

Cotton Wool:

This would be very useful for those first baths especially when washing baby’s sensitive eyes and ears. Can be found at local pharmacy.


This would be very useful for those first baths especially when washing baby’s sensitive eyes and ears. It can also be used to wash over baby’s body. Our recommendations: Bamboo Washclothes.


In baby’s first few months the rate at which their brain develops is at its most rapid state. 90% of brain growth happens before kindergarten (Ref). Therefore medical professionals would recommend speaking to babies and reading to them as early as a few weeks after conception. This development continues after birth and rattles are such a great way to add fun to this development of your baby. Rattles encourage eye-hand co-ordination, sensory development and teaches baby principles on action and reaction. Our recommendations: Brio Rattles/ Eastsun Baby Rattles.

Play Mat:

Once again, a play mat is such a useful product to have ready for baby’s arrival. You don’t have to break the bank here, there are many options offered on the market these days. After a few weeks or sometimes as soon as birth, babies are recommended to spend a few hours a day having Tummy Time to prevent flat head syndrome and encourage those developmental milestones to start crawling. It helps them strengthen their necks and arms ready to position for that first crawl. eek! Our recommendations: Tiny Love Black & White Gymini/ Skip Hop Play Gym.

Black and White Books:

If you are based in the UK, by your second visit from the health visitor, you should get a black and white pattern book for baby. If not, don’t worry you aren’t missing much. Many pregnancy books and baby preparation articles recommend exposing your newborn to black and white patterns and shapes because this is what babies can see very well from birth. They are generally more interested in high contrast objects and patterns and it helps them focus and train their sights. Our recommendations: Black & White Books.

Story Books:

Like our previous article on black and white books, story books help develop baby’s sight when they are able to better distinguish objects that are not just black and white. In the meantime, even now that you are still pregnant, you can read to your baby and be sure that he can hear you from 16 weeks or so. Take the time out during the day and spend at least 15 minutes reading to him. He hears you and loves your voice. Our recommendations: Peter Rabbit.

Baby Record Book:

You are nearing the end of your pregnancy , why not write letters to your unborn child? You can also buy a diary to record those first moments for your baby and capture their first smile/ smirk/ laugh/ words etc. Our recommendations: Baby Record Book.

Thanks  for reading, The recommendations in this post are based on our opinion and experiences and we welcome your comments/ contributions.

Published by Susan Jimoh (Editor in Chief).
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