The SMA Starter Pack

Welcome to our post on the SMA Starter Pack, full of reviews and information to help you decide if its right for you and your little one.

The SMA Starter Pack

For the first few months of your baby’s life it will get all of its nutrition from milk. For many new parents, breastfeeding, or solely breastfeeding is not an option, and so the use of formula – whether on its own or as part of a combination feeding regime – is essential.

If that applies to you then making sure that your baby is getting the very best in nutritional content will be of paramount importance to you.

SMA Pro First Infant Milk From Birth represents SMA’s most advanced formula to provide for the specific nutritional needs of your baby from birth onwards. It is the result of over 90 years of early life nutritional research to give you maximum peace of mind when it comes to formula or combination feeding or if your child.

And SMA’s latest market-leading formula comes nutritionally complete with Omega 3 & 6 LCPs.

As all new parents know, life can be pretty hectic when your baby first arrives.  And getting everything done around the house can seem like an impossible task when you have an extra member of the family to care for. So making life as easy as possible for yourself is a good idea.  With that in mind you could do yourself a big favour by grabbing an SMA Starter Pack or two to help prepare for what is to follow.  It doesn’t come much easier than this!

Whether you’re out and about, or juggling chores at home, SMA’s ready-made infant milk saves a whole load of time and makes feeding your little one super-easy.  The bottles that make up this pack come with pre-sterilised teats, meaning all that you have to do is unscrew the cap and you’re good to go.

Many new parents use the starter pack for night feeds instead of having to traipse back and forth to the kitchen in the dark to make up a new feed. Others carry a bottle or two in their changing bag or in the car for when they’re out and about.  The bottles are very compact so take up very little space, which, as a new parent, is always at a premium.

With this starter pack you get six 70 ml bottles which are the perfect size to feed a newborn.  It costs just £7.00 with FREE DELIVERY, which works out at just £1.17 per bottle.

Finally, with most hospitals not providing milk, this starter pack makes a great addition to any hospital bag, whether you plan to breastfeed or not, as latching in the first few days can prove tricky for many newborns.

So that’s the overview, but what do mums and dads think about it?

SMA Starter Pack Reviews

This great Starter Pack has been described as “Great”, “Lifesavers”, and “Very Practical”.

Here are some recent reviews:

“Great for when baby is newborn and just got home for emergency back up of breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Handy to throw in your changing bag too for trips to save making up bottles without required facilities.”

“It was very practical for me when out and about .”

“Very pleased with the product. Now I can reuse the bottles too. Easy to use when you are on the road. Fast delivery.”

“Five Stars.  Very pleased with product and easy to use while travelling.”

SMA Starter Pack – Final Thoughts

So there you have it!  There isn’t too much more we can say about this handy little starter pack.  It’s a decent size and can be broken up into six feeds making it a versatile addition to any new parent’s arsenal.  At 70 ml there is enough in each bottle to satisfy even the hungriest newborn.  And at this price they cost same as on the high street, just with free delivery to your door.  SMA is a well-known brand that has put years into researching what is best for baby’s and refining their formula accordingly.  This ready to feed first infant milk is their best combination yet and its packed full of nutritional goodness.

Our view?  Go for it!

The SMA Starter Pack averages  4.5 stars out of 5 on review and this pack of 6 bottles is currently REDUCED to £7.00 with FREE DELIVERY.




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