Ella’s Kitchen Recipes

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Ella’s Kitchen Recipes


Ella’s Kitchen: The Purple One

ella's kitchen recipesThe Purple Book from Ella’s Kitchen really is a genuine best-seller. It covers everything you need to know from when your child starts weaning up to the the age of about one. This excellent recipe book averages an amazing 4.8 stars out of 5 from 313 reviews and is currently REDUCED to £14.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

This Purple Book is stuffed with over 130 delicious recipes, starting with basic single vegetable purees to more exciting combinations and full scale meals. Each of the recipes has been put through a series of rigurous tests to ensure that it stands up to Ella’s Kitchen’s high standrads.

It includes plenty of useful advice and guidance to help give mums and dads confidence at this vital stage in their child’s development.

The cookbook includes tips and advice from leading experts such as nutritionists, baby experts and everyday mums and dads to help make weaning as easy as possible.

The book’s purpose is to help make the process of introducing solids to your child as fun for you as it is for them.  Watching how their taste buds react to new textures and flavours should be fun after all shouldn’t it?

Inside you’ll find weekly meal planners and a handy pull-out wall chart to help keep on track.

This book is the third in the Ella’s Kitchen Cook Book series, and it has proved to be the most popular to-date.

As all of the recipes have been developed to provide yummy flavours combine with good nutritional content it is no surprise that The Purple Book is fast becoming the new parents’ guide to weaning.

Ella’s Kitchen Recipes…

The Purple Book from Ella’s Kitchen has been described on review as: “Fab”, “Beautiful”, and “Easy To Follow”.

Here are some recent reviews:

This is a great book, which takes you through from day 1 of weaning to the later stages when you can prepare full meals. Some lovely recipes and all information is clearly laid out. I already have one child, so this was my second experience of weaning, however I still found the book really useful.

“I really thought that this book would be too cool for me, but as other reviewers have said it’s really got some great recipes in it. We had trouble weaning our little girl at first, but this book made it so easy and made me feel less overwhelmed as the whole process is set out into managable stages. the recipes are really simple and mean that i’m able to provide my baby with a fresh meal (made during nap time!) if my husband and I are eating something she can’t have. i’d highly recommend this book for its ease of use, helpful tips, good layout and yummy recipes.

Well this is our bible. The recipes in here are easy and tasty and there is enough guidance to make you keep coming back to the book. The pull out wallchart is useful and its organised into food for age ranges as well, although the finger foods section is separate and it can be difficult to see the age in the star.  What we ella's kitchen recipeslove is that this is a book that is informative and we can always go back to and use again. It gives details of the number of servings you are making as well.

The Purple Book from Ella’s Kitchen is currently REDUCED to £14.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

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Ella’s Kitchen Recipes


Ella’s Kitchen: The Red One

ella's kitchen recipesThe Red Book from Ella’s Kitchen is crammed full with 100 yummy recipes designed to be made by children and parents alike. Although it is geared towards the post -weaning stage of your child’s development it does go over the key points that you need to know about weaning in a short, concise little chapter. Thereafter, the majority of the book is all about providing that extra stimulation needed after the initial weaning process to help children develop their sense fo taste and encourage them to explore with you.

Its a great follow-on from The Purple Book.  It averages 4.5 stars out of 5 from 268 reviews and is currently REDUCED to £9.74 with FREE DELIVERY.

The chapters areneatly divided into different meal times and they cater for kids of various ages meaning that you’ll have a nice variety of things to cook for them (or with them) for a long time to come.  They definitely won’t get bored if you follow the recipes in this wonderful book together. And that’s the best. The recipes are so easy to follow that your kids can learn how to prepare food with you.

The main chapters include: first foods for tiny taste buds; from mush to mash and beyond; learning about food; yummy lunches and speedy snacks; dee-licious lunches; perfect puds; scrummy treats; and hooray for the weekend.

In summary, this is a very resourceful recipe book that will be of great help to parents of young and progressive children.  It will help you to provide them a varied and balanced diet in a fun and inclusive way.

Ella’s Kitchen Recipes…

The Red Book from Ella’s Kitchen has been described on review as: “Fantastic”, “Brilliant”, and “The Best Book Out There”.

Here are some recent reviews:

“It has really simply recipes, lovely pictures, and the method is well described. Although I say simple recipes, they are without exception tasty and delicious. For example it has a marvellous meatballs recipe which would be difficult to get wrong. Simple steps. Not too many ingredients. And if the instructions are followed. Tasty food. As you can see I really like the book. Don’t be put off with pictures of 5 year olds. I know it looks like a child’s recipe book. Because it is.  However, this is good, healthy food, recipe book for ALL generations.”

Purchased this to help give me inspiration with weaning. It hasn’t failed. It’s a really good cook book for children and adults with a variety of recipes to suit young and older children that aren’t too difficult to make.

“Beautiful book with lovely ideas. Bright colours and opportunities for kids to colour in. Comes with ideas to include children in cooking or other learning experiences such as counting/ weighing. Comes with lovely stickers too.

ella's kitchen recipes“Excellent, well-balanced meal ideas and some good sugar-free or low sugar dessert ideas too – in addition to sweeter treats. Ingredients not too expensive or difficult to find.

The Red Book from Ella’s Kitchen is currently REDUCED to £9.74 with FREE DELIVERY.

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Ella’s Kitchen Recipes


Ella’s Kitchen: The Yellow One

ella's kitchen recipesThe Yellow Book is all about baking.  Its all about using a child’s natural inquisitive nature to encourage them to get stuck in, help with the baking and enjoy the experience of new tastes, flavours and smells. It takes kids “beyond the licking bowl” with a big selection of easy-to-follow recipes for every occasion.

It averages 4.6 stars out of 5 from 93 reviews and is currently REDUCED to £11.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

The Yellow Book will get you and your horde cooking up a really big variety of tasty and nutritious treats. And you’ll have a great time doing it, even if things do get a bit messy in the kitchen at times!  The recipes easy to understand and put into practice (for both adults and children) you’ll be very pleased that you bought this book when you see the smile on your child’s face when they hand you that first batch of homemade cookies.

They’ll also learn all about how to weigh, measure and count as you go along too.

The Yellow Book features a selection of 100 sweet and savoury recipes that are healthy and nutritious and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Key chapters include: seriously scrummy snacks; lovely lunches; tasty teatime; fab family dinners; its party time; and fun outdoors.

In addition to providing you with a long list of great recipes, this book also provides the opportunity for parents to bond with their children in a very special way.  It provides a great platform for you to have fun and explore together, create some lifelong memories on your kitchen, and maybe bake some yummy food while you’re at it.  For that alone, its priceless.

Ella’s Kitchen Recipes…

The Yellow Book has been described on review as “Fantastic”, “Five Stars” and “A Fab Buy”.

Here are some recent reviews:

“There are plenty of good recipes in this book. I particularly like the way it encourages you to involve your children within the cooking process which, in turn, encourages them to eat what you have both prepared. My toddler and I have enjoyed making some of these recipes very much.”

“Nicely presented book. It has loads of pictures, not just of the food but also of little ones enjoying the cooking and eating. As a Grandma who loves cooking, I am looking forward to trying recipes out with my granddaughter.”

ella's kicthen recipes“I love this book! I use it regularly to cook with my little granddaughter with much success. The recipes are easy, tasty and much lower in fat and sugar than conventional recipes. In fact I’m about to buy another copy for my niece and nephew as they already have (a well used) Red Ella’s Cookbook so this will be a welcome addition for them.”

The Yellow Book from Ella’s Kitchen is currently REDUCED to £11.99 with FREE DELIVERY.


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