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Ellas Kitchen First Foods


ellas kitchen first foodsEllas Kitchen First Foods, also known as The Purple Book, or The Purple One, has enjoyed a spectacular rise to fame since its release, literally flying off of the shelves.  This handy and accessible book covers everything that new parents need to know about weaning.  It will help prepare you from the start, and get you right through to toddler age.  The book is broken down into several easily digestible (sorry!) chapters, which are simple to follow.  Ellas Kitchen First Foods averages a whopping 4.8 stars out of 5 from 313 reviews and is currently REDUCED to £14.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

Ellas Kitchen First Foods is stuffed full of recipes -over 130 in fact – to help young mums and dads get to grips with the weaning process and explore the near endless possibilities that await their little one’s delicate taste buds and palate.  From the easiest single veg puree to some more adventurous and filling meals, this resourceful book sets out a blueprint for them all. And one of the great things about each recipe is that you can be sure that it has been scrutinised to the max before being published so as to ensure that it meets the incredibly high nutritional standards required by the Ella’s Kitchen brand

In addition to the detailed recipes, the book also provides lots of useful help and information for parents to help build their confidence in weaning at this crucial stage in their child’s life. Inside you’ll find plenty of advice from leading nutritionists, baby experts and parents who have gone through the process that you are presumably about to.  You’ll find plenty of guidance and reassurance in here.

The book is really based upon the idea that the process of introducing your child to solids should be a fun and adventurous experience for you all (child and adult alike).  It should be an exciting and stress-free process which brings you closer together and helps create memories to treasure.  After all, you only get the chance to see your child’s reaction to tasting something for the first time once!

Ellas Kitchen First Foods comes with weekly meal planners to give you inspiration when you can’t decide what to choose (which so many options that’s a real possibility!).  There is also a handy pull-out chart to stick to your wall or your fridge to help you keep a record of everything.

This is actually the third book in the Ella’s Kitchen series, and, despite the others (a general cookbook and a book on baking for little ones) proving very successful, Ellas Kitchen First Foods has out-sold them at quite a pace and is now recognised, quite rightly, as one of the leading guides on weaning.

It is presented in a very user-friendly way.  Not too much information is thrown at you, but nothing important is left out.  And of course its choc full of delightful recipes guaranteed to get your little one’s taste buds tingling.

The First Foods Book from Ella’s Kitchen has been described on review as: “Brilliant”, “Five Stars”, and “A Great Buy”.


Ellas Kitchen First Foods Reviews

Here are some recent reviews:

ellas kitchen first foods“This is a really good cookbook for weaning. It’s primarily for those wanting to start their babies on purees but it does have some good baby led weaning finger food ideas. I like that it breaks down what to give when and when to introduce solids. All the cookbooks from Ellas kitchen are a favourite in this household. ”

“As a first time mum weaning has been a completely new experience for both me and my baby ha. This book has been my bible !! It gives you all key information you need to know to start, from how to introduce foods to the start, to ideas of how to introduce foods into your babies routine.
I is made up of different chapters for each month that include a number of recipes within each (approx 20). That gives key indications of when to move from smooth puree to mashed foods with small lumps and so on.
Its a must buy !! “

“With my first son I had an annabell karmel book and I found this one much simpler. My baby and toddler love everything I make out of it. Rarely need to buy a lot for a recipe as they are so simple I tend to have most of the stuff lying about anyway.

“Lovely colourful book to begin baby’s journey into food! I enjoyed experimenting with different flavours and my son loved them – he’s a fantastic eater and not fussy which I do attribute to the varied flavours he experienced. Have recipes from first stage weaning to toddler foods. I still use this book to mix up our meal times.”

“This is a great first taster book for weaning. I found it difficult to come up with different recipes and this gave me great ideas to try a load of different and easy recipes. It’s easy to follow, and find recipes.”

“Excellent book with lots of useful information and guidance when starting the weaning process. It is well set out and full of lovely recipes. Some great ideas to use alongside intuition! Great service. Many thanks”


Ellas Kitchen First Foods – Final Thoughts

ellas kitchen first foodsSo there you have it.  Pretty compelling stuff!  If you’re looking for a book that sets out plenty of uncomplicated yet exciting recipes to help your child through the weaning process then this is the book for you.  Its easy to follow, comes with plenty of handy tips and advice, and has such a wide range of recipes that it will keep you and your family entertained for a long time to come.

Our view?  Go for it!

Ellas Kitchen First Foods is currently REDUCED to £14.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

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