Ella’s Kitchen Book Reviews

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Ella’s Kitchen Book Reviews


Ella’s Kitchen: The First Foods Book: The Purple One

ella's kitchen bookThe Purple Book from Ella’s Kitchen really is something special.  It covers everything you’ll need to know from the moment that you start weaning at around six months, up to one year.  This fantastic book averages a whopping 4.8 stars out of 5 from 313 reviews and is currently REDUCED to £14.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

This First Foods Book is packed full with over 130 recipes spanning the full spectrum from single vegetable purees to adventurous combinations and full on meals. Each recipe has been put to the test to ensure that it meets the nutritional standards set by Ella’s Kitchen.

There is also plenty of helpful advice to give mums and dads confidence at this important stage in the development of their child. The book includes tips and advice from leading nutritionists, as well as baby experts and real-life case studies from parents to help make weaning as easy and stress-free as possible.

The idea behind the book is to help make the process of introducing solids to your child as fun and adventurous for the parent as it is for the child one whose taste buds are just beginning to explore new things for the first time.

Inside you’ll find weekly meal planners to give you an idea of what to expect.  There is also a handy pull-out chart that can be attached quite easily to the wall or your fridge to help you keep track of everything.

This is actually the third book released in the Ella’s Kitchen Cook Book series, and it has proved, quite quickly, to be the most popular, literally flying off the shelves.  The First Foods Book is crammed full with recipes guaranteed to get your little one’s taste buds tingling.

As each and every recipe has been specifically designed to provide both yummy flavours and the right amount of nutrition for little ones, it is no wonder that The First Foods Book from Ella’s Kitchen has become the go-to guide for parents when it comes to weaning.

Ella’s Kitchen Book Reviews…

The First Foods Book from Ella’s Kitchen has been described on review as: “Brilliant”, “Simple”, and “My Bible”.

Here are some recent reviews to back all of that up:

“Initially thought it was a bit too trendy for me with lots of pictures and bright layout i.e. cynically suspected it would have more style than substance. But I was wrong. Menus are fantastic. Really delicious & nutritious & easy (& pre-baby I was a non-cook). Can’t fault this recipe book. Happy Mummy & happy baby.”

“Fantastic book. I’m on child number 3 and even I’ve learnt a thing or two – fruit and veg combinations I never would of thought of in the puree stage and nice meals to make when baby gets bigger. Highly recommended.”

ella's kitchen book“We have absolutely loved all of the Ella’s books! We were given a whole range of weaning books but only used these as they are so informative and easy to use. The pictures also really bring the recipes to life. Doing vegetable led weaning worked wonders for our son and I truly believe at 1 he is such a good eater due to the Ella’s weaning method. Thank you to all at Ella’s for producing such high quality books that have made weaning a total joy!

The First Foods Book from Ella’s Kitchen is currently REDUCED to £14.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

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Ella’s Kitchen Book Reviews


Ella’s Kitchen: The Cookbook: The Red One

ella's kitchen bookThis excellent book from Ella’s Kitchen is choc full with 100 amazing recipes designed to be made by both big and little hands together.  It is not specifically a weaning book, although it does cover the nuts and bolts of weaning over the course of a few pages.  It’s more geared towards children who have progressed from basic weaning an need more stimulation in their diet.

Its the perfect follow-on from The First Foods Book reviewed above.  It averages 4.5 stars out of 5 from 268 reviews and is currently REDUCED to £9.74 with FREE DELIVERY.

The chapters are broken down, handily, into different meal times and cater for children of differing ages to ensure that you have plenty of options to choose from.  Your children certainly won’t get bored of trying out these easy to follow recipes.  And that’s part of the magic of this book. Its laid out in such a simple way that children can follow the instructions and learn how to prepare food with you.

Key chapters include: first foods for tiny taste buds; from mush to mash and beyond; learning about food; yummy lunches and speedy snacks; dee-licious lunches; perfect puds; scrummy treats; and hooray for the weekend.

All in all its a wonderful resource for parents of young and progressive children to help them provide a fun and varied diet that introduces different tastes, textures and flavours in a relaxed way.

Ella’s Kitchen Book Reviews…

The Cookbook from Ella’s Kitchen has been described on review as: “Fantastic”, “Brilliant”, and “The Best Book Out There”.

Here are some recent reviews:

“Love this book & so does my 1yr+ daughter. The recipes are so easy to follow & yummy for the whole family. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to help me make some as there are some fab ideas for getting little ones involved. I have recommended to money friends & they have all found it brilliant. Can’t wait for the next one.”

ella's kitchen book“This book is fab it contains tons of recipes that you can use right through and maybe even just for the grown ups. Great healthy recipes for all the family all in a fantastically presented bright and bubbly book. What more could you want.”

“Love this book and so does my eldest daughter (5yo) the recipes are perfect and she loves cooking and reading the book herself. The icing on the cake is whatever she makes, my 11 month old can eat too which makes her feel like a super big sister… great book all round.”

The Cookbook from Ella’s Kitchen is currently REDUCED to £9.74 with FREE DELIVERY.

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Ella’s Kitchen Book Reviews


Ella’s Kitchen: The Big Baking Book

ella's kitchen bookThis inspiring book from Ella’s Kitchen taps into the fascination children have with textures, tastes and smells to encourage them to get creative and help bake some wonderful treats for all occasions. It takes kids “beyond the licking bowl” with a wide variety of easy-to-follow recipes for every occasion, from lunchtimes to children’s parties.

It averages 4.6 stars out of 5 from 93 reviews and is currently REDUCED to £11.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

The Big Baking Book will have you and your little one(s) cooking up a host of nutritious delights.  And you’ll have a raucous time doing so.  the recipes are all easy to understand and you’ll be very proud watching your child learn all about counting, weighing and measuring at the same time.

Inside you’ll find 100 sweet and savoury recipes that are healthy and can be enjoyed by all the family, big kids and little kids alike.

The recipes are spread across the following chapters: seriously scrummy snacks; lovely lunches; tasty teatime; fab family dinners; its party time; and fun outdoors.

Over and above the delicious recipes and the valuable nutritional content that they provide, perhaps the best thing about this book is the fun that you and your family will experience as you work through it together.  The recipes that you’ll follow will be memories that you create.  Just imagine the look on their faces when they hand out their first slice of home-made cake, no matter what it tastes like!

Ella’s Kitchen Book Reviews…

The Big Baking Book has been described on review as “Amazing”, “Easy to follow” and “Five Stars”.

Here are some recent reviews:

“This book is incredible. My kids (4 & 3) absolutely love it. The pictures and instructions are both clear, understandable and the most important….FUN.
We have spend many hours baking and cooking with the assistance of Ella’s baking book. The recipes are great and the message behind them are clear coming form a responsible and ethical, organic company. Highly recommended as both a gift and personal us.”

“I bought the book as a present for my daughter and, not only was I impressed with it, but she was delighted and has it used it already. My grand-daughter who ella's kitchen bookis almost three and my grandson who is almost two, both love to help and be involved.”

“My niece absolutely loves this cookbook, it has a great range of recipes from sweet to savoury and also from really easy recipes to more advanced! She won’t grow out of this for a long time. I also like that there are loads of pictures to make the recipes even easier to follow.

The Big Baking Book from Ella’s Kitchen is currently REDUCED to £11.99 with FREE DELIVERY.

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